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The Lost Cause: A Confederate War Record

Heading of The Lost Cause: A Confederate War Record published in Louisville, KY. Slogan “The Warrior’s Banner Takes It’s Flight to Breet the Warrior’s Soul.”


The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) published a multitude of Lost Cause relevant material. Throughout Kentucky, chapters printed information but the most significant contribution came through the Albert Sydney Johnston (ASJ) Chapter in Louisville. In 1898, Ben LeBree founded The Lost Cause: A Confederate War Record monthly magazine. Many women read the magazine and held subscriptions. In 1899, LeBree sold the magazine to Florence Barlow, a member of the ASJ chapter. After this time, the magazine became a tool of the UDC through the Louisville chapter. Barlow along with Henrietta M. Duke gathered content for The Lost Cause and extended its reach beyond the borders of Kentucky. The magazine included articles about states and UCD chapters throughout the South. Duke resigned from the magazine in 1903. Then in 1904, Barlow became sick and the magazine stopped production. The Lost Cause held an important place as a UCD agent. The magazine showed Kentucky’s commitment to remembering the Confederacy and the influence of women’s groups.  



United Daughters of the Confederacy Section of The Lost Cause publication

Heading for the United Daughter of the Confederacy section of The Lost Cause, containing emblem of organization.