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Individual Action

Two Confederate Flags

Front page of 1903 scrapbook made by Lucy Stuart Fitzhugh, member of the Lexington Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. First national flag with 7 stars- used March 4, 1861 to May 21, 1861 (top flag) and Confederate battle flag (bottom flag).


Southern women also participated in the Lost Cause on an individual basis. Scrapbooking became one way to individually contribute to. Both during and after the war, women cut clippings from newspapers and saved photographs. Through these scrapbooks, women created their own personal narratives of the war and the Lost Cause. Many of the images and information from this exhibit originated from the scrapbooks of Kentucky women involved with the Lost Cause, see bibliography page.



 Women during the Lost Cause also sought to individually educate themselves on Southern history. Ladies groups helped in their effort by become repositories for worthy publications. The United Daughters of the Confederacy issued in 1904 a call for Southern history. Stated in The Lost Cause Magazine, the chairman of the historical committee, Miss Mary B. Poppenhiem, “will be glad to furnish chapters with lists of names of publications, which deal fairly with Southern questions. It is earnestly recommended to chapters to read and collect if possible books on Southern subjects. The influence exerted by them in arousing one’s interests in our local history is tremendous and enthusing.”